Peptide AICAR [500mg] – 10 Vials – Lifetech Labs

Peptide AICAR [500mg] – 10 Vials – Lifetech Labs

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Manufacturer : Lifetech Labs
Form : Subcutaneous Injection
Molecule : AICAR
Concentration : 50mg/vial
Volume : 10 vials
Recommended dosage : 25mg/day

Biopeptide AICAR of Lifetech Labs is a peptide which will increase energy conversion burn fat and decrease resistance to a sustained activity in endurance sports. This is the last alternative to the well known EPO . Acadesine, also known as AICA-riboside and AICAR, is an activator of the protein kinase activated by AMP.



AICAR is particularly recommended for endurance sports. This peptide is being used more and more commonly for doping. It has a dramatic effect on fat burn. It’s famous for being used by the greatest cyclists in the world.

AICAR activates AMPK, which is a kinase protein stimulated by AMP. It accumulates when a cell is deprived of energy. Cells detect lower energy from effort by calculating the AMP concentration. In turn, they push to activate AMPK. Then AMPK converts energy sources like fatty acids into ATP fairly quickly.

Finally, after activating AMPK, AICAR stimulates fat loss after exercise by making cells believe that energy reserves have diminished.

Effects of AICAR :

  • Increased endurance and strength
  • Rapid muscle recovery and toning
  • Increased cardiovascular performance
  • Substantial weight loss
  • Diminished body fat

It’s recommended to take AICAR from four to six weeks and no more. The most common dosage of AICAR is 50mg per day for four weeks before an event.

It’s easy to see that this product is not really very useful for bodybuilders, though it does have some positive points. It’s a steroid for improving effort and endurance that also has a great capacity for physical recovery.

Unsurprisingly, endurance athletes use AICAR to stay at peak performance, improve physically and build endurance without too much fatigue. It’s often been taken in secret, but the facts are there: it’s a very effective steroid for all endurance sports.


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