In the process of delivering your item to you, your package goes through a series of stages. Here’s a quick guide to easily decode the delivery statuses you see when tracking your order.

Summary of your order:
You will find a summary of your order.
Your order waiting for payment:
Your order is awaiting process completion of the payment method you have chosen.
Your order has been validated:
Order has passed finance verification and will be passed to our Warehouse team.
Your order is being prepared:
Your order is getting picked and packed
Your order is ready for shipment:
Your order is ready to be dispatched in our Warehouse and waiting to be picked up by the carrier
Your order has been shipped:
Your order has been scheduled for delivery.
Your tracking number available:
The tracking information is available on the website of the carrier.
Your order has been delivered:
Order has been delivered to you!
Problem with your payment:
We encountered an issue with the validation of your payment
Payment declined:
 Your payment has been canceled or declined by the agency.
 Your order is canceled:
 Your order has been canceled definitely and can not be used
Your order is suspended:
 Your order is suspended and is awaiting verification from you. This is potentially due to missing products or invalid order or payment information.
If you receive this status message, please call Customer Service immediately for assistance.
 Products out of stock:
 A product is unavailable or out of stock, please call Customer Service immediately for assistance.