Buy Peg MGF 2mg Online

Buy Peg MGF 2mg Online

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MGF (PEG) (Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor)

Manufacturer: Hilma Biocare
Category: Peptides
Pack: 2 mg/vial
Shipping From: Europa




Info: Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) also known as IGF-1Ec is a growth factor/repair factor that is derived from exercised or damaged muscle tissue.  It’s called MGF as IGF-IEa is a bit of a mouthful and harder to identify amongst the other IGF variants.

In the past, humans had to depend on them body to produce IGF or MGF naturally, but not anymore.  Now that scientists have been able to isolate and reproduce these peptide chains, bodybuilders and athletes can recover faster and increase hypertrophy like never before.

The connections to Buy Peg MGF 2mg Online activates satellite cells affect on the growth of new muscle fibers in our bodies. Also, the Buy Peg MGF 2mg Online increases the body’s rate of protein synthesis. In that case human bodies start increase muscle size and not just this, it’s also repair damaged muscles. The recovery factor is without question the most important effect of this hormone.

Natural MGF is produced locally and does not travel into the bloodstream, synthetic MGF is water based and when administered directly into muscle, travels into the bloodstream.


Amount of Water to Mix
You can mix 1ml (1cc or 100 units), 2ml (2cc or 200 units), or 3ml (3cc or 300 units) of sterile water, sterile saline (0.09nacl) or bacteriostatic water. The amount of water you mix makes no difference to the products effectiveness. The only thing that will change with the differing amounts of water is the amount you have to inject to get a certain dosage. For ease of dosing, we recommend mixing 1ml of water per 2mg

Note 1 : If the product does not dissolve into 1ml of water within a few minutes, do not shake the vial, but instead try adding another 1ml or 2ml of water and leaving the vial to settle for 24 hours in the refrigerator.


Dose and range of using:
Duration of standard cycle is 5-6 weeks
100-200mg per injection/2-4 times every week
For the best results, inject MGH directly into the muscle trained and immediately after training.

The main Buy Peg MGF 2mg Online effects can be explained in two words hypertrophy and recovery.

Testing showed that injections of MGF increased muscle fibers by 25% in  three weeks.

Wider explanation of benefits by using MGF is increasing vascularity, muscle growth, decrease body fat, faster regeneration, improve immune system, decrease cholesterol level, strengthen bone and skin.

Possible Side Effects:
The primary negative side effect is hypoglycaemia(low blood sugar and also swelling of extremities, a drop in blood pressure, and various cardiovascular irregularities including cardiac arrest.

Pain or irritation at the injected area is the most common complaint, which normally refers to a sore or itchy feeling at the injected site.

Vials are freeze-dried and therefore will remain stable at room temperature for 1-2 months.

Product can remain in good condition for 6 months if kept in refrigerator (powder).

Note 2 : That after dissolution MGF can be stored 20-30 days in the refrigerator.

To find more information, please check instruction.

Best Combined With:
Many will supplement with MGF for four weeks and then IGF-1 for four weeks


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