Buy Turinabol 10 Online

Buy Turinabol 10 Online

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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

Category: Oral

Substance: Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)

Package: 10mg (50 pills)


Turinabol is indicated for hormone replacement therapy in men suffering from androgen deficiency or in severe cases of catabolism.



What’s Turinabol?
After the Dianabol or Methandrostenolone is combined with Clostebol or 4-chlorotestosterone’s modified version then the result is Tbol or Turinabol. Compared to Dianabol, the Buy Turinabol 10 Online steroid is a parasite that is milder.

Similar to any other anabolic steroids it reduces the water retention in the cells and thus develops muscle mass, and also it lessens the bloating which aids the muscles looks perfect sculpted.

Usually, it’s fine to choose steroids only during cutting phase, whereas few men and women take it to bulk to steer clear of fat build-up and enhance vascularity but diminishing water retention for an extreme amount isn’t highly recommended.

The point to be noted is that anybody ought to understand the cycle properly and select the right path and dose of this Tbol.

Let me start off by saying Buy Turinabol 10 Online does not cause any estrogen related side effects.

This means no water retention, gynecomastia and low libido.

Because it has such a low androgenic ratio, you won’t get as much side effects as with other orals.

But that doesn’t mean it’s completely side effect free.

As with every other oral steroid, turinabol can be liver toxic. This means you should always have a cycle support product on hand.

A lot of you guys have been asking me..

‘‘How long does Buy Turinabol 10 Online stay in your system?”

There is a lot of controversy on how long it stays in your system.

Nobody seems to actually know for sure. There is a lot of speculation.

Some say that it might be detectable for up to 12 months whilst others say it’s only several weeks.

If you have a steroid test coming up, be extremely careful. Do not go off what other blogs say because they don’t know for sure.

We do know that there is a long-term detection of turinabol metabolites in human urine.



You’ve probably heard people comparing Turinabol Vs Anavar.

Both are considered to be mild oral steroids, which is true to a certain extent.

Just because a steroid is mild doesn’t mean it’s not worth researching with.

Anavar is a great steroid to be using pre contest. It’s a dry steroid which means you won’t have any water retention, same as with Tbol.

But Tbol is more effective at building size. Anavar, in my opinion, is more for conditioning and muscle hardening.

I’ve tried both and if you wanted my opinion on Turinabol vs Anavar, i’d say Tbol is more effective.

Real Anavar is hard to get and is also quite expensive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a good compound but if I had to pick I’d go with Tbol.


You have to ask yourself the question, is it really worth it?

You’ll be putting your health at risk with anabolic androgenic steroids.

If you’re looking to gain size but want to do so naturally, I highly suggest checking out a few alternatives.

I’m talking about legal steroid alternatives.


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