BUY Ansomone HGH 240IU

BUY Ansomone HGH 240IU

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Ansomone HGH 240 IU (6 x 40 IU KIT)



Under normal conditions, the growth hormone is produced cyclically by the front lobes of the pituitary gland, especially at night. This hormone stimulates the rapid growth of all tissues in a human body, so it is most actively produced at an early age and during teenage years. But with age, the intensity of the growth hormone production by the pituitary gland is greatly reduced, thus, slowing down all the recovery processes. The BUY Ansomone HGH 240IU administration allows successfully making good the deficit of the necessary hormone inducing anabolic processes in the body.

Entering the blood circulation, BUY Ansomone HGH 240IU increases the possibility of cell to more intensively absorb nutrients. Amino acids and glucose fed from a meal are assimilated in a much greater extent than it was possible under conditions of shortage of own growth hormone. Rapid growth of all tissues and forced energy-exchange reactions happen due to the action of Ansomone.

Indications for using BUY Ansomone HGH 240IU
The synthetic growth hormone is successfully used in sports and for prophylactic purposes for the following tasks:

Muscle building up;
Lipolysis and prevention of lipogenesis;
Strengthening joints and ligaments;
Retardation of aging;
Acceleration of healing of any injuries.
Using a synthetic analogue of the growth hormone as a stimulator of muscle growing is safer rather than using sex hormones. Upon termination of course, men don’t have problems with potency due to the suppression of natural testosterone production. For the same reason, additional therapy to normalize the body functions is not required.

Using Ansomone for muscle building up allows you simultaneously getting rid of existing fat deposits. The growth hormone contributes activating energy-exchange processes resulting to lipolysis and using the fat tissue as a fuel for cellular mitochondria. Using Ansomone before bedtime will help prevent the deposition of undigested food into subcutaneous fat. At the same time, anti-catabolic processes occur – the body’s muscles don’t deteriorate at night time due to nutrient non-reception or impossibility of nutrient intake, and they continue their active recovery.

The additional growth hormone administration is beneficial for ligament regeneration rate and compaction of the bone tissue. This is particularly important under conditions of systematic stress on cartilages and tendons. Permanent wear of the connective tissue results to micro-injuries of its fibers, which don’t have enough time to recover between exercises. Using Ansomone protects athletes from the risk of injury during strength exercises.

The beneficial impact of the growth hormone on the skin, hair, nails and other superficial tissues has anti-aging effect. The impact of the growth hormone on the non-REM sleep contributes to optimizing regeneration processes. It is during these physiological periods that the pituitary gland produces its own growth hormone. The Ansomone administration in the evening will help stimulate and lengthen the non-REM sleep at night.

The accelerated regeneration of any injuries becomes the natural addition to the ability to stimulate anabolic processes by the growth hormone as well. The synthesized analogs of the growth hormone are prescribed to recover from serious injuries, such as deep burns, complex fractures, and liver or other internal organs diseases.

Possible Side Effects and Contraindications
The use of high doses of the medication results to hypoglycemia that subsequently develops into hyperglycemia. This occurs due to the ability of Ansomone to increase the production of own insulin. For this reason, the use of the medication is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

Another important contraindication is the presence of cancer or tumors diagnosed. As mentioned above, Ansomone stimulates growth of the body’s tissues. This effect can include malignant tissues in case of their presence in the body.

Using Ansomone in athletes is effective when taking it for the purpose of muscle building up and lipolysis provided a sufficient long-term use. Most of people note significant results until 6th week course. The absence of significant regression (as in case of taking testosteroids) is confirmed as well.

Slight hyperemia and burning at sites of injection don’t put some troubles and disappear by changing the injection zone.

Administration and Dosage
Using Ansomone for the purpose of muscle building up, the daily dosage can be 10-15 units for amateur athletes and 25-30 units for professionals. This volume should be divided into 3-4 dose partitions during the day. The total duration of the course is 2-3 months, after which you should take a break for the period of at least one month prior to following course of administration.

Using Ansomone for the purpose of strengthening ligaments, anti-aging or accelerating the healing of injuries means daily dosage of 5-10 units.

Pharmacological Properties
To achieve results of improving muscle definition and for muscle gains, the following dosing schedule is recommended. You can start with a dosage of 5 units per day, preferably every other day so that you shouldn’t decrease sensitivity to the hormone receptors. Then, in case of no side effects, you can increase a dosage of Ansomone up to 10 units during the second or third weeks. The dosage shouldn’t be increased thereafter. The recommended duration of the treatment course is approximately 3 to 6 months. It is at this time that the best results are observed. It is necessary to take a break after 6 months.

With regular using the hormone, the following processes in the body significantly accelerate:

​Protein synthesis;
Immunity will increase;
Cell and cartilage growth;
Fat metabolism.
Moreover, Ansomone also has such useful properties as:

Acceleration of cardiomyocyte synthesis.
Regulation of fat metabolism in the body, and consequently lipolysis.
It creates a good mood and increases sexual desire.
It improves myocardial contractility and has many other positive qualities.
Injections can be made subcutaneously and intramuscularly. Either your doctor (depending on the patient’s diagnosis), or your coach, or a consultant of our SelectHGH Online Pharmacy will help you determine the dosage of the medication.

For restorative and rejuvenating purposes, a dosage should be 3-5 units per day.

To improve your training results, you should take Ansomone in a dosage of 5 or more units per day.

Before administration, you should introduce 1 ml of water (water for injection) into the vial; it is necessary to pour the water by the wall and then slowly shake the water with a rotating motion until Ansomone is dissolved.

Enjoy your shopping and have productive exercises!


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